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A constantly increasing spiral of energy flows through you. All of your thoughts and acts become purified. You choose the highest thoughts, knowing that you are adding to the goodness of the universe. You speak only the most loving words, knowing the responsibility thereof. Your actions are creative and bring joy to all. A Teacher within speaks to you of wisdom and you listen well. The voices of the small self pass unheeded and gradually fade away. Your greater Self grows in each day, with joy and love, the two profound blessings that come to those who heed the divine knowing within.
The ultimate gift of this life is to strive with humility, not in search of lofty abstract goals, but to find minute to minute, mastery of your own words, your own thoughts, your own actions. The Creative Spirit is within your heart in every moment, waiting for you to seek its guidance, leading you swiftly on this path. Spiral upward on the blessings of peace, love, and joy, and you shall find all you seek within yourself by your own becoming.”


This book changed my life completely after reading only the first chapter! I wish I could give it more than five stars! I highly recommend it to anyone stumbling through life’s many obstacles. As you read “The Miracle of Gratitude” your spirit will become lighter and energized with positive energy. Learn how to focus only on the positive and discover how life unfolds magically; doors of opportunity open, the world becomes a brighter, more wonderful place. Beautifully written and flowing “The Miracle of Gratitude” is a remarkable spiritual journey meant to be delved into again and again. Such a profound fountain of wisdom and guidance it is as if a loving and wise Angel wrote “The Miracle of Gratitude” as a handbook for developing inner happiness and peace.


This is a lovely read with a very poignant flow to it. The writer helps to point out little things in life that would otherwise go amiss and usually create a big impact. She makes us understand that nothing in life is coincidental, that everything has a meaning and a purpose if only we could be aware and see it unfold when it happens. This lady touched my heart and I loved her book. Thank you for sharing with us and showing us that there is a way to live again after losing someone so close that you feel your life over because they have left you. She helped me release my pain and feel love again in the most simple way, by surrendering.
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A Summons to Courage: Overcoming Fear – Consciously Choosing What you Desire – Letting Go of Unconscious Fear based Choices and Living in Joy and Gratitude By the Grace of God

This is the original channeled version of The Miracle of Gratitude

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