Dear Peta,
Thanks for a life altering session !!!
Over-the-top in helpfulness !!!
I can’t thank you enough. I feel so different about everything. Much stronger.
Thank you for what you do.
When I called you I didn’t know what to expect. The warmth and gentleness of Divine Grace and the simple truth let me remember¬† who I really am and how much I am loved. Then I was able to see things from a higher perspective and my fears just melted. I even found my self laughing at what I had been believing even though I knew better. Now I tune into what I really know and trust myself much more. Thanks for what you do.
It was so silly for me to fear that I might be seen as bad by the angels. So much love poured into me. When they said that they were sending the angels of mercy to be with me, I had tears of release running down my face. I never experienced anything that made me feel so cared for. Thank you again.
What Divine Grace said about my past life in a position of power through my love of justice rang so true. The fact that I was told that I had done great good in that life encouraged me to get involved again in the ways the angels suggested. I was a natural leader in high school and college and much of what I worked for was about fairness. After that I got caught up in my work and family. When they said I wasn’t late but just on time I felt this huge surge of enthusiasm that I hadn’t felt for so long. Then opportunities just started showing up. Just wanted to let you know and say thanks.
That was a great call Tuesday night. I love being in the energy:) with everyone there.
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