Your sacred story of free will

“Beloved Ones,
Be where you are. You live in a frequency, you live in a state of consciousness, you live in an environment. All that you hear from others, from media is just a signal you have chosen to pick up. Your life is your own so own it fully.

All around you on this story planet there are stories being enacted. Some personal, some collective, some global…but your power is in the moment and in your sacred story of free will. Be not distracted by the roles others may play. Do not get caught up in the judgement of good and bad, right and wrong…all of these project into the future. But rather create as much good as you can for your self and others by keeping your attention and your intention on that which is literally possible to create in the moment.

In this you are empowered, in this you are free, in this you can choose joy in each moment. Nothing can deter you. And thus you gift all that is.”

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