You are the Divine expression of God on Earth

“Beloved Ones,
Rejoice in the truth that is you. We are with you and see you truly. You are the Divine expression of God on Earth. Let go of all of the judgments you hold of yourself and your bodies, mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. Allow yourself to drop into the truth of your perfection. Only then can you channel through into life your greatest gifts. Only then can you receive all that will fulfill you and bring you into full generosity.

The time is come to be all you truly are. How can you accomplish this.? First of all by releasing all self-judgment. Then you shall have room in your heart for love of all. Out of this love comes passion, dedication, inspiration and fruition. Powerful energies are uplifting your world. Use them. Ask of them. Say sweetly. Help me to fully forgive …that is simply to give for….myself and thus it is. Ask that you be fulfilled and used in highest intention and highest joy and thus it is.”

Divine Grace

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