To dwell in goodness and joy requires no justification

“Beloved Ones, The joy of the world belongs to you. What choices do you make that turn you away from this joy. To dwell in goodness and joy requires no justification. To choose less than this always has a reason and that reason is a lie. The reason will always be fear of lack or fear of judgement or the projection of these.

As you awaken, this belief in less than peace and joy and love begins to seem more and more foolish. As you recognize that you REALLY are at choice, that you really do create your reality…the illusion of the the ego mind begins to fail. And joy rushes in. Fulfillment is natural for you blossom as a co-creator. And the resistance to receiving that old fears made a way of life, resolves into the miracle mindedness of knowing that you are the Beloved. Bless you in this.

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