Life is infinitely wise

Life is infinitely wise

dglogosmooth“Beloved Ones,  Remember in this time of complexity where you have so much arising within and around you, in relationships, in finding your purpose, in the state of the planet that you are a part of….it is so easy to begin to believe that you must decide, you must create the good in the future, you must defeat suffering, you must save the earth…. some how, some way. And then you suffer trying to figure out how to do this. Awaken, Beloveds! Simply know that as you are guided by ease, as you trust that life is infinitely wise, even on this planet of stories….then you begin to ascend in joy.

This IS your only task…to let go of every belief that keeps you from the joy of love, within and without. And all of the stories that are filling your life right now, you and those soul dancers on the stage with you… are bringing up the emotions that begin to integrate all of the expressions of being that you experience as your life and identity in space-time. And you become free to be you. And in that, joy and service become one. Knowing no longer is an issue, Responding in each now to arising life, you are free. We bless you in this,”

May 7 2012

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