Jump into the time you are in with all your heart and soul

“Beloved Ones,  

Now is a time when powerful waves of energy are coming to the Earth. These energies foster synergy and unity. Arise on these waves. If you feel a hunger to be more connected, to be a part of a passionate creative endeavor with others, to thus feel more fulfilled… then go for it. If you need a house, if you need a car, if you need some groceries, you look and act until you fill this need. Look and act now to be a part of the process of renewal and restoration needed by life.
What have you always cared about? What have you always done no matter what else was happening in your life. It might be so simple you take it for granted but it is a clue on the search for connection and purpose. Where is it happening on a larger more purposeful scale. Don’t wait for fulfillment. Jump into the time you are in with all your heart and soul. Your destiny is there. Let go of habits and limitations and trust that you will be rejoiced in.”

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