Allowing All “That is”

Allowing All “That is”

dglogosmooth“Beloved Ones,  Allowing all “that is”….that is your task now. This is not without discernment. It is simply that as you regain all of the energy and focus that you have projected onto that which you resisted, resented and judged….you shall have all of your Self to give to that true discernment, the discernment of what you truly desire. And then arises the choice to let energy flow there, freely and with ease.

Then the fun begins …in that which has been called “High Play”, as you find that the affirmation of synchronicity, the amazement of finally trusting yourself and now speaking and acting for that trust, and the joy in recognition of Soul Partners, is teaching your that when you look up and speak up…life gifts you.

God, you own Soul, Source, Life….all are just words for good and the good is in Love with you and leading you to enlightenment….as you lighten up and follow that sense of expansion that you are beginning to associate with the “right” choice. It is play, beloved, here on the story planet, so create the story of you with wonder and delight as we watch over you with great trust.

We bless you in this.”

June 12 2012

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