The charm of a kitten, the fragrance of a rose…all of life’s delights engender love

“Beloved Ones,  

The essence of life is love. The charm of a kitten, the fragrance of a rose…all of life’s delights engender love. Let yourself be in love with life. Life is in love with you! You only have to awaken to fully realize this. Let all of the charm and fragrance in. Every day has it’s small wonders. Do not let fears of the future or regret for the past blind you to this love affair.  Come to the present and know that life is a gift. A gift for you.

All of your choices have led to this moment. Make the choice now to drop into the center of your being. There you will find the One who loves and is loved. Always and forever available. As you dwell in that loving place you will attract ever more beautiful expressions of life to you. This is the truth that will serve you well.”

There is no “other” that needs to be feared

“Beloved Ones,  

In these times of change and high energy amplification, feed yourself with all that is good. Use your attention and intention for your own peace and reassurance. Taking in joyful gatherings, music, spiritual writings, warm water, walks in nature…all of these draw into you what when amplified is helpful and uplifting. 

Do not believe in any teacher that takes away your personal power to live in God’s grace. There is no “other” that needs to be feared. Not on the planet or anywhere in God’s creation. Are there all kinds of stories being acted out? Yes. Give your attention and intention only to those stories you want to increase. Live in your own story of love and delight. Only by this do you create more light and set an example that others can follow to freedom. “