It is not about denial. It is about empowerment

“Beloved Ones,

Focus on what you desire and not what you fear. This is our first lesson and one you are aware of from so many sources of truth. Just do it. Does this mean that you are not aware and honest with your fears? No, it means that you flip them into clarity about what you need to create to resolve that fear and then just do it. It means that you know and respect the creative power of your words and use that power for you own highest good.

It is not about denial. It is about empowerment. It is about taking your life into your own hands and your own words. Tell it like it is. And that is-ness has no power to make you a victim, if you simply ask within. Ask within for the most empowering interpretation. Ask within for the highest action available. Ask within for the forgiveness that frees you from judging other or yourself.  Ask within for a perspective that sets you free to chuckle and grin. Ask within for how you can get the attention, love, support, nurturance, and respect you need and deserve without “making it hard”

Offer all the virtues that love kindles

“Beloved Ones,

Friendship is a wonderful  gift. Feel all of the people who have come into you life and stayed. Each of these Souls has loved you for eternity. You find each other again and again. Give your gratitude to your friends and use the time you share to offer all the virtues that love kindles. Let not fear or resistance to what is be what you share. Share the the small miracles, share the insights and the things which charm you in life. Time is precious and filling it with friendship is a very good way to use it.”

Bathe yourself in the wonder of life

“Beloved Ones,

Wonder is all around. Bathe yourself in the wonder of life. From the sparkles on moving water to the dance of clouds in the sky….the message of all of this beauty is, “You are loved! 

Keep looking around with gratitude and you shall find that within this field of awareness you will be guided to ever greater joy and fulfillment. 

 Gratitude is the beginning of overflowing with all that is within you as true Soul Purpose. You are not alone and you are needed. This time of transformation and synergy is calling you to participate, not from the head but from the heart and will where you are the sweet expression of the Divine One.”


You have been given Free Will, but only in each moment

“Beloved Ones,

Come into this moment. How often We say this! This is because you have been given Free Will, but only in each moment. You are in the physical where you can think,  speak, and act. Your choice of expression is yours to make, only in the moment you are in. Free Will in that moment takes one of these forms. You attention and intention are right there for your use to think. to speak, to act. Your vibrational emanations are an act. They effect others and all. We are here to help you use your Free Will for good.

The mind often carries you out of the moment, the emotional body can also lead you into past or future. You are the I Am. You are pure awareness. Stay with your true Self in the moment and you will find that each small choice, consciously expressed, brings you ever higher in that you know as your life.”