Shift from trusting your mind to trusting your inner knowing

“Beloved Ones,

 “The time is now to shift from trusting your mind to trusting your inner knowing. The mind is limited to what it has deduced from the past. Completely limited to only that. The inner knowing is connected to your Soul guidance and your own unique purpose. What does it mean to ask, “Should I do this or should I do that?” It means which path leads to my highest purpose, my truest expression, my greatest desire. Does the past know that? It does not. What is called logic may lead you to expect that a past outcome will occur again, but life is rarely like that. 

Every conversation is unique. Every day is unique. Every relationship is unique. You are dwelling in a living dynamic world of change. Allow yourself to ask within and trust the answer. Only by practice of heeding this asking time and again will you realize that the narrow path is the path of listening within and this path does indeed lead not to mediocrity but to greatness. The greatness of the sweet humble knowing that God is within and watching over you patiently, waiting for your call.”


Into this moment offer your virtue

“Beloved Ones,

 “Into this moment offer your virtue. Offer your gratitude. Offer a simple smile of simple joy. Offer your willingness to be a part of the good. That is all that is necessary.

Many of you know us well. You know that all that we offer is simple. If you allow yourself to offer as we offer, the choice for kindness, the choice for compassion, you will find these flooding back to you. Let go of the judgmental mind….of people, politics, climate, and world events. Be the observer, just as you must be the observer when the clouds sail in and the rain falls down. Rejoice that change is the one constant and be with the change.
Can you have an opinion or a passion and yet not judge or make anyone the other? That is a challenge. One that the Masters recommend. Let us join in that recommendation. All is well. Use your energy, your attention and intention…. always with – not against, always creative – not resistant, always upwards – not regretful or afraid. We are with you in this.”