Reassure yourself as We reassure you

“Beloved Ones,

 “You may be asking yourself now, “Will I ever have the life I desire? You may be asking y0urself, “Will I ever fulfill my purpose? Is it too late? Am I headed downhill, can I be healed enough, focused enough, happy enough to really get it together?” You may be asking yourself, “Is it too late for the world, as well? Can all of this be turned around?

We say, Beloveds, you are at choice. In each moment, reassure yourself as We reassure you. This IS the great turning. You really did come to help and you are helping. Right now. Just as you are you are helping. Just as all of these events are arising on the Earth it is a part of the plan.
So keep trusting. Keep loving yourself and others. Keep believing in the Awakening and the Oneness to come. Keep choosing beauty, kindness, and joy. We are come to reassure you. Help us by reassuring yourself. Your questions are a part of the answer. That which is becoming visible, though it may be intense…is becoming visible so it can be cleared. Personally and globally.
Truly, We see you all awakening. Rejoice with us.

Waves of awakening are arising for all of you

“Beloved Ones,

 “Waves of awakening are arising for all of you. This can take many forms. You may feel that you need to change. You may feel that you just can not go on waiting for the great change to come. You may look at a person or situation as restraining your good…both as a receiver and as a giver of your gifts. And you may feel emotional, exhausted, hyper or confused. Let it all go. Keep trusting that these energies are doing their work and lifting you as they are lifting all.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask and receive. Use the energy to deal with what you know needs to change and which you have every right to change. Ask of yourself to let go of old beliefs and patterns. Ask of others for what will bring your relationships into new balance and trust. Ask of God to give you the reassurance that you need that truly the world is moving past separation and scarcity mindedness and into unity and abundance. Ask of your Higher Self for the simple yes or no on the actions you should take, the words you should speak, and the next step on the path that starts right where you are.
Those who watch over this Earth are reassured as more and more people are looking up from fear and finding faith…not in an external religion but in a permeating God of goodness.   Find faith in yourself, find faith in what you choose, and find faith in the future that is your own personal and perfect timeline of joy. In co-creation all good is not only possible but already existing.”

There is no failure or judge

“Beloved Ones,

 “There are whole new possibilities arising with every new day. You can feel the “time density” increasing, you can feel the collective mind taking a new look at the future of the world, you can feel that “something is up.” Let that something be you. Now is the time to look within and feel what you have always known. What would your purpose look like if you were living it fully.

There is no demand, there is no failure or judge and there is no late to be. Yet, there is a loving God that creates a desire within you to reach out for fulfillment. The wonderful thing about the universe is that when you do good, you feel joy. D good for yourself on all levels, good for those close in your constellation of Souls, and good for whatever you perceive to be your passion.
We do not speak these words to make a demand. We simply say that in the joy of connecting and the empowerment of synergy there is a way to be now that will leave all of y0ur regrets, your attachments, your habits, your loneliness and your fear that it might be too late….far behind. We have been saying look up and look out….that is because you ARE your field of awareness and you simply become more in the very act of imagining what we might mean by look up and look out. Guidance and passion are within, they are the Kingdom….that which you see when you look up and look out is where you can put your holy power, where you can join with others in joyous synergy. It is time. Again, you are not behind and you don’t need to figure it out. We are here to announce the loving waters that lift all who are not clinging to the bottom. You don’t have to heal anything to say “Yes”, right now. Just keep saying in all your words and actions…I Am That, I AM and I Will That, I Will.”

Attention and intention are the greatest gifts you have

“Beloved Ones,

 “Every time the unified attention of the many focuses on the moon there is a great intake of the energies that We have been telling you are coming from the Great Central Sun. A great reflector and amplifier, the moon brings you the love of the Mother and the remembrance of the sacred union of all life. The collective is being guided to “pay attention” to these wonderful energies and is responding. Rituals are shared, pictures are shared, and feelings are shared..bringing more attention to the light within the darkness.

 Attention and intention are the greatest gifts you have to use for good. In each moment seek to follow the joy of gratitude to God for all creation. Repeat what pleases you and overcome any repetitions of petty judgement. As you create for yourself and those you speak to…so you create for the world. It is a time when all faith is needed to overcome the fear that would cause despair. Bring your light to bear on all situations. Be like the moon and reflect the light of the Sun in this time of great possibilities.

Remember as well that life is eternal. There are those crossing over in the change you call death. They cross into the arms of Love. Like the sun and the moon, Beloved Ones, those you love may be “off planet” but they are within the bountiful creation of God. They are not gone but expanding in beautiful waves of remembrance. Feel your love deeply, honor your grief, and yet share together the knowing that, yes, they have gone before you but will be waiting to rejoice with you in the timeless Now you call the future.”

Bless yourself for being a part of this Hope

“Beloved Ones,

 “Expect a wave of energy that will be truly productive in the month you call October. A great blessing that will bring many changes. Send your love to your own future, send your love to the future of all. Now is the time to trust that this pruning of the tree of life is for the growth of great good. There is nothing to fear, for you are a part of the answer to many prayers that are circling the Earth. 

Yes, you are the answer to fear and the answer to love. What is this answer? It is Hope. So hold the virtue of Hope in all that you speak for, believe, and pass on to others. Hope is stronger than all that would create fear. Hope has in itself created every advance for good in the world you know. Bless yourself for being a part of this Hope and know fully….All is Well.”