A future of your own making

“Beloved Ones,

 “Imagine that you are free to walk into a future of your own making. Surely it is that the future that you have created now as your present is of your own making. The trinity of thought, word, and action spins your reality from what you perceive as present to the future you travel through. The Universe is infinite and you are at choice! 

Begin to speak for only that which you desire. Be vigilant in bringing your attention repeatedly to that which you love. How much of your experience is spent in the creations of the mind! Images, media, conversations….all bringing your attention, your very creative attention, and activating it as possible reality. It is not only when you pray, meditate or purposefully envision that your attention is creative. It is creative always. So joyously use the free will that you have been given to create joy for yourselves, truth and beauty and freedom for all. 

Just as you can begin and take a walk, a road, an airplane and you can go from wherever you are to anywhere on this earth…you are driving your perception, your experience through time/space. Go where you wish, Beloveds, go where you wish.” 

Another wave of energy Another wave of change

“Beloved Ones,

 Another wave of energy. Another wave of change. Whatever is arising in this amazing story planet…remember that you can choose to be an island of peace. There are many events arising; this is a part of the great transformation. It may be political, it may be economic, it may be a solar flare….remember: You are Safe, You are Loved, You are Recognized.

 The infinite is that of which you are an eternal part. Yet, here you are, individuated and allowed to play on the stage of life. Give yourself the part you really want to play. Know that you are writing the script and taking your part from the inside out. All through history each one who has made a difference had to remember that small actions create beautiful ripples. Let your ripples shine with joy and love through all the changes in your life and the world.

You are not alone but have come with a great wave of Souls to bless this world with remembrance of Divine Love. There is a purpose to all, remember that and you will not be tempted to judge the details arising in the world. Do what you can, where you can, with a willing heart and leave the rest to the Great Purpose. In this, for the most part, you will find that you are with those who have chosen joy and left strife behind.”


Be a part of the grand reunion and celebration

“Beloved Ones,

 All of you who have come to be a part of the grand Reunion and Celebration, remember who you are. You live in a world of many details, driving, buying, cleaning, eating, talking, connecting to media of all sorts. Take time to ask yourself deeply, “Is this what is important to me?” Allow yourself to ask yourself deeply, “How can I arrange my life to do more of what is a part of the new expression of myself?” Ask yourself deeply, “How can I change old habits into new freedom?” Ask yourself deeply, “How can I be a part of the change that I have come to create?”

Things keep happening and seem to be speeding up, and yet we say, your life is not happening to you…you are emanating your life. To step up to the possibility of full engagement in giving your creative power into the Reunion and Celebration, let yourself wonder, “What is my part to play?” Let yourself wonder, “If I knew that simply choosing from the center of I Will, all that was needed would just show up….what would that I Will look like, feel like, where would it manifest and who would I like to share it with?
Yes, you live in a world of many details, but you can lift those details from the mundane to the Divine. We promise you, you can! All you need to do is ask yourself, and then trust the answers…and then leap out and join those that you will find are already blazing a path towards the light.They are waiting for you in joy.”