Into this world offer your greatest sweetness

“Beloved Ones,

 Into this world where you have come to dwell, offer your greatest sweetness. What is the offering that brings you to the expression of your true Self. Is it in touch? Is it in song? Is it in laughter? Is it in truth, gently spoken?

What you have to offer is your true being. As precious as a babe, first born….are every one of you. Your smile is as precious as a first smile. Your laughter as precious as that first gurgling laugh that reaches out and blesses a heart. Your presence is as precious as the newest or the wisest that has ever lived. Simply turn on the simple giving that is ever so natural. Reclaim your self as a Soul of Divine Creation. For this you are and ever shall be.

You don’t have to wait-love and joy is always there

“Beloved Ones,

 Expand your sense of awareness. Move out of your thoughts and into the Grace of God. For the Universe is full of Grace. Just breath and release yourself into this feeling of freedom and relaxation. As you stop struggling with life and truly let life support you it is just like swimming, Dear Hearts. There is something there that will not only hold you up but also offers fun and joyous freedom.

Those who tell of their experiences, “out of body” relate how the love and joy is beyond words. They are showing you the way. You don’t have to wait. It isn’t somewhere else or waiting in your future..that love and joy is always there. Let yourself go into it whenever you can remember for We need your joyous hearts and your deep trust to help change the world. As each of you experiences this…you will share it and offer it and live it. Wonderful!

Where in your life is there a “pebble in your shoe”?

“Beloved Ones,

  Where in your life is there a “pebble in your shoe?” –Something that you should stop and take care of to make the journey easier? Where in your life is there something that you know you should change but it always gets moved to later, and later and later?

Know that when you make the choice to truly serve your Self and to make these changes that the whole Universe…that is to say, God, moves in to assist you and to show you that you are safe, you are loved, you are recognized.Now with all of the higher energies that are flowing, if you do not do something about that pebble it will seem to grow bigger and sharper….just stop and find the way to make the change and feel that expanding sense of freedom that will come so quickly.