Into the infinite moment of now…simply arrive.





“Beloved Ones,

Into the infinite moment of now…simply arrive.  There is nothing you need to become. Yet, change is the gift of time being perception. You are moving, flowing, giving, receiving….relax into it. Softening into your true Self, find comfort awaiting you.  Rising into your true Self, find joy awaiting you.  

Here you are on the story planet. Brought forth as a babe and breathing one breathe after another until this very moment…you can only wonder, how, why, what? No one has the answer but all know that love is the only answer that rings true. Don’t make it hard. Don’t make it complex. Look through all of your conditioning, personal, cultural, religious, spirtual, and see the task at hand…one word of kindness, one choice of comfort, one blast of fun at a time. We are with you.   

Bless you in this.”

  Divine Grace

Envision what you desire and not what you fear

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

 Can you believe that you live in a multi-verse? Right here, right now, look around you. Certainly you have been privy to countless images that show you the complexity of possibilities, the many different realities that others are living. Just within the spectrum of your own knowing there is so much evidence to show you that there is no one present, there is no one future. Yet you are wanting good for all. It seems that the future is controlled by someone outside of you…but it is not.

 The future that you experience is the only future for it is the only one you can ever know. All those that seem out on the periphery of your life…be they in Syria, the Ukraine or down the street.. are a part of your reality to the extent that they are held in your awareness. Give them love and never fear. Why do we say is because, Dear Hearts…your dream is empowered by you. You can not change things by viewing them as exterior. Your only power to help comes from within. Use it well and use it wisely. Envision what you desire and not what you fear. Make yourself powerful within that world in which you dwell. Forget not that you emanate your does not emanate you. Only thus is good created by each for all.  


There is much movement now

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

There is much movement now. Some of you are feeling that you are making profound changes in your relationship with life. It may be in your living situation, your work, your relationships, or your acceptance of yourself. Others are feeling great pressure to make decisions for which they don’t feel entirely ready. Seek to breathe deeply and trust. You could say that the decisions will make you….if you can just let them. The more you stay out of your head and stop trying to figure it out or squeeze some kind of guidance out of somewhere within or without…..and just drop into life and joy….the better! Then knowing is natural and the changes show themselves in the right timing.

Let yourself be a child of the Universe and of this world to which you have come. You are life. Just as the flowers, the trees, the birds and the creatures so natural to life…you are meant to be here, just being yourself. Amidst all of the changes arising so powerfully, there is a place of peace if you choose it. The world will find the way, Beloved. Do your part to fill the space within you with your heart’s desire. Simply and profoundly, you can do this. One desire at a time. One moment at a time.

You are never alone. There is no alone to be. Call on All Good to uplift you and carry you swiftly through this time of change for there is not just one time…there are many. For some the return to the Garden has already come. Make the present a gift and you have brought yourself to the future you have come to create.

Bless you in this.”