Live what you know is the choice of your heart

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Stargates are opening. Will you step through? In these times you are having many insights, some so familiar, that have come in layers through many cycles; some that are new and deep awakenings. Those things you know you need to let go of, believe your Self.

Patterns, people, circumstances, ways of flowing through the world, being YOU……all are being lifted by these new frequencies. Rejoice in this. Letting go of the old allows you to be lifted….as your expressions lift so does all apparent manifestation. Spiritual truths, spiritual law….it’s all old hat. But put that hat on now and wear it in joy… what you know is the choice of your heart. Don’t believe you can’t. Move quickly now. Stargates are opening. Will you step through?”

We bless you in this.”

July 31 2013

The One…the most loving, most personal, and most inclusive

divine grace angel readings  Beloved Ones,
Keeping your hearts focused on the One…..whatever that means to you. We suggest the most loving, most personal, and most inclusive of all your imaginings. Warm and wise and giving you all the guidance you need from within your own knowing. For you are connected, you are out-pressing from this very infinite Love. The love that you are. All else has just been a dream your mind believed. Under that dream has always been heaven within.

Yet you live in this time of shift, this time of challenge. So keep your focus on the greater remembrance. That is the way to bring yourself from the contrast that seems to exist…to the fulfillment of all that you desire. We assure you, Dear Hearts, war will end, there will be an end also to the belief in any as the “other”.

So bide this time in peace, remembering who you are and acting with the fullest kindness as you can. That is the way, Beloveds, that is the way.”
We Bless you in this.”

Mar 5 2013