Join with those who perceive the world as loving

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“Beloved Ones,
Today is a day of celebration. It is a day of celebrating love and reunion. Join with those who perceive the world as loving. Know that you are not alone. There is no alone to be. You are an organic part of Eternity. You are consciousness. You are living in a sea of life.
Let all the ways that you can know yourself as a part of God come to you so that you can feel your expansive ability to radiate love by simple choice. There is nothing and no one to wait for. You can make the choice to emanate love and by the law of attraction, more and more love will come to you.
If you desire more fulfillment in personal love, with your Beloved, or drawing your Beloved to you from what you call time and space, make this day your day of resolve. You will not wait. You will not imagine outside influences or any circumstance as more powerful than you. You are at the center of your Universe. Make the choice for every thought and every action that affirms you willingness to love and be loved.”
Divine Grace

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