Loving all that you are is a magical process

“Beloved Ones,
Loving all that you are is a magical process and leads to what you would call miracles. You have heard us say that you are Awareness. What else could you be? Not the body, not the fleeting emotions, not the story, but that which is aware of it all. And aware right now. As you feel yourself as a field of awareness, what does that field look like. It includes all that you experience internally. How vast is that awareness? There dwells all that you have seen, thought, imagined, felt, and done. There dwells you conception of what is “going on” in the world, past, present and future. A grand place that internal field of awareness.

Then there is the great world “outside” of you. Dropping into the now….this is a linear world of one moment after the next. Although your mind takes you out of this world so often, back into that inner world…you are here. Always at the center of a great field of awareness….here, you, living on a conscious ball of energy in what you call the physical universe. Your awareness reaches all the way out, yes, all the way out.

Yet, here you are in your life with choices to make in each moment. We say all of these things to inspire you to realize that you are at choice. You are at choice in what you fill your inner awareness with….love, peace, joy, laughter, gratitude. As you make this choice your life is lifted. That linear world that keeps appearing around you, that which you call manifestation, simply matches the energy of who you are. Choose then, all that keeps your awareness filled with beauty, friendship. love and joy.”

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