You are here to serve the light

“Beloved One,

When you know you are here to give light, give love, give truth, then the only question you are responsible for in each moment this light, love, truth that I am emanating. Whatever else you are doing is secondary. And if you choose, really choose, to emanate light, and love and gratitude (for gratitude is the greatest truth of all) then you will experience what you are experiencing now.

Now you are all still observing patterns, identities, and beliefs lifting off..quite often with drama acted out. Just let it go. Love yourself and you are doing God’s will. How simple is that.

For your gift to the world, chose not that which is based on an idea but on what the world is actually asking of you. The world is first of all your beloveds. And then those connected by your gifts. The world is you too…so what you desire the most is the truest choice of all. All things are made one, that is, in the joyful choice there is a power that creates alignment with timelines of fulfillment. Highest intention, greatest good.

The words that we send are of good value…. as you chose to act.”

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